The Hungarian Holocaust, 19 March 1944 – 1 March 1945   Leave a comment

Andrew James

A Chronicle of Actions by the Hungarian State and its

forces against the Jewish and Roma Citizens of Hungary.

1. Occupation and Collaboration:

After the German occupation of 19 March 1944, the Regent, Miklós Horthy, remained in office, and Hitler’s all-powerful agent in Hungary, Dr. Edmund Veesemayer quickly introduced a system under which the invaders were freed from the tasks of routine administration and policing. German demands were met through the Stójay government, the General Staff of the Hungarian forces and the usual organs of public administration. The Germans were seen as allies rather than conquerors, and an atmosphere of general calm, or paralysis, was maintained.

However, within days, Gestapo agents worked with lists provided by paid informers to round-up Hungarian office-holders considered dangerous to the interests of the Reich. These included civil servants, aristocrats, monarchists, liberals, politicians of the Smallholders and Social Democratic parties and journalists. Refugees from German-occupied…

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