The House of Árpád and the House of Wessex: Early Magyar – Saxon Relations.   Leave a comment




The Work of Sándor Fest:

This year sees the seventieth anniversary of the death of Sándor Fest (1883-1944), who wrote a book (in Hungarian) entitled From the Scottish Saint Margaret to the Bards of Wales, detailing the historical and literary links between the Anglo-Saxons, Irish, Welsh and the Magyars over the eight and a half centuries between the first contacts between the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and the newly-established Kingdom of Hungary at the beginning of the eleventh century and the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-9, which led János Arany’s to write his epic poem, Walesi Bárdok, the ‘Welsh Bards’. His book was re-published in 2000 with an English language appendix, containing translations of selected chapters from the Hungarian version.


Earliest Traces of Magyar-Saxon-Viking Relations:


In the eighth and ninth centuries, England did not exist, neither did Hungary. However, the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the Heptarchy were never in danger…

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