We knew what we were voting for in 1975 EEC Referendum.   Leave a comment

Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

Some comments from members in our “Say Yes to Europe – Remain in the EU” groups

“My husband is a WW2 baby and I am a post war baby. We were brought up 40’s & 50’s.

When we had the referendum in ’75 we thought, and talked to our parents, about their and our past and our futures.

At the time we had three small children and looked at all the pro’s and con’s of Britain staying in what was then the EEC. We decided that for us, and our children, that Britain would be better staying IN, rather than Leaving.

We were not a ‘political’ family but were concerned for us, our family and our country. Our children have only known for themselves to be not only English or British but Europeans as well.

It now seems that people ‘cherry pick’ bits from the past and publish it for…

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