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The Armchair Theologian

ecently, Tony Philpott (Universalist Friend (and author of From Christian to Quaker) sent an e-mail reply to my earlier post on this blog, Why Can’t Quakers Be More Like Hindus? Or, Why Can’t Quakers Be More Like Quakers? In his message, Tony raised some interesting and challenging issues. He has  kindly agreed for these questions and my responses, to be reproduced here. The topics covered in this discussion include universalism & exclusivism, theological diversity and the meaning of Quakerism today.

I am not sure where you stand on the issue of exclusivism vs. pluralism. This seems to be at the heart of the problem of why people believe different things. If, as you argue, Quakers should return to their roots and live the Quaker Way in the ways you set out, is this because it is the ‘only true’ way or ‘the best’ way – or are there other equally valid…

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