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Brexit: The mother of all uncertainties   Leave a comment

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After the article by Senior Lecturer in Comparative Central and East European Politics at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies in London Seán Hanley, I would like to advise you also to read the opinion piece by Professor Paul Ekins, Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy and Director, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, University College London, which was first published on the UCL ISR blog.

Paul Ekins’ academic work focuses on the conditions and policies for achieving an environmentally sustainable economy and received in 1994 a Global 500 Award ‘for outstanding environmental achievement’ from the United Nations Environment Programme. In 2015 he was awarded an OBE in the UK’s New Year’s Honours List for services to environmental policy.

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas spoke exclusively with edie after featuring in a panel debate about the impact of EU membership on UK environmental policy. Photo: Green Party MP Caroline Lucas spoke exclusively with edie after featuring in a panel debate about the impact of EU membership on UK environmental policy. Photo:

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Northern Ireland, we Remainers haven’t abandoned you to a Brexit: Support a Second Referendum!   Leave a comment

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The impact of BREXIT on ELT   Leave a comment


Like many people in the world of ELT I was shocked and disappointed by the results of the EU referendum this morning.  Like many people in our position, my wife and I have been sitting on the sofa in our house in central Portugal,  in a state of bleak disbelief struggling to understand both how the British people could have made this choice and of course, what the ramifications are for us.

We are asking ourselves questions like:  Should we stay here?  If we want to stay here, how do we go about it?  Should we go somewhere else?  Should we return to the UK?  Do we even want to return to the UK?  How on earth are we going to make that happen if we do?

There is a lot of anxiety in our thinking, a lot of uncertainty and a lot of speculation, none of which adds up…

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Some plain truths about immigration   Leave a comment

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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing   Leave a comment

Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

First they wanted to blame it on the immigrants,
I knew that my fellow citizens would not stand for this.

Then they wanted to take away worker’s rights,
I trusted that my fellow citizens would not stand for this.

Then, “traitor” they said to people who didn’t agree with them,
I hoped that my fellow citizens would not stand for this.

If the demagogues win with their rhetoric and empty promises,
will I have done as much as I could to stop them?

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Six of the Best British Reasons to Remain… in brief…   1 comment


1. Integration is not assimilation… we keep our self-government and maintain our sovereignty, as well as, in chosen circumstances, pooling it together with other individual member states.

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2. Freedom of Movement is internal Migration, not permanent immigration, and is a benefit for British people and economy.

3. Peace and Security are continuous processes which have to be worked on through establishing trading agreements and arrangements: Trading relationships make the antidote to war.   

4. Educational, Language and Cultural Exchanges are essential for all our futures: The positive ‘multiplier’ impact of exchange programmes on schools, colleges, universities and young people themselves is impossible to measure simply in financial terms.

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5. The European route is the way to a broader internationalism: Britain has its own historic responsibilities in the world, through its Commonwealth, but it can do far more to address the major inter-continental issues in the twenty-first century, like migration, by working ‘in concert’ with its European allies to produce joint, compassionate foreign policies.

My grandparents told that if something was broken you fixed it.

6. Britain is at its best when leading, not when leaving: Its vocation is to lead where its collective moral conscience takes it, to extend its peaceful influence through language, trade and culture.

The EU is a product of that other great British value, ‘giving way’, or ‘compromise’: It is a work in progress, with many unresolved conflicts, and the British people are an integral element in this joint endeavour.

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It barely seems possible that only 40 hours ago a young MP was murdered on the streets of a quiet West Yorkshire town known previously for science (Joseph Priestley) and the Brontes. I spent much of the last two days in Birstall, doing media interviews and trying to support the local vicar and church. I make the following brief observations not for the benefit of the wider world (as if…), but in order that I should not lose for myself the impressions of the last couple of days.

  • Jo Cox was an unusual MP because she represented the place she grew up in and the people among whom she grew up. She not only did not forget her roots in Yorkshire grit, she returned to live among them. Hence the emotional impact locally – she was one of them.
  • The thoughts that keep,me awake have little to do with politics…

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