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EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) asylum seekers and Eastern neighbours   Leave a comment

Marcus Ampe's Space

At the May plenary of the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) the EESC called for a more proactive, dynamic approach, focusing on regional stabilisation and greater social and civil dialogue.

The problems in Turkey were not yet there, putting a shade on the EU’s relationship, with this country which clearly is gliding to a dictatorial state. Also Brussels trying to find ways to ‘bargain’ with Turkey and therefore to afraid to step on Erodgan’s toes today sees more and more people finding their way into Europe by Egypt, and that country not doing much to stop the passers by. Though Europe tries to bring more pressure on the Egyptian authorities to stop the smugglers by using aid and trade ties.

The ENP should be an effective tool for cross-border cooperation. Launched in 2004 to build on common interests and values with the EU’s southern and eastern neighbours and promote political…

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Reflections on the Goddess in the Meeting House   Leave a comment

The Armchair Theologian

Recently, I came across a wonderful post from Rhiannon’s blog Brigid, Fox, and Buddha  which spurred me on to indulge in, what felt like confessional writing. It all began with the following section quoted below. In an effort to capture her understanding of God, Rhiannon writes:

Goddess for me is within us, alongside us, dancing in the depths of all things. God for me is reaching out, helping hands, laughing, growing, sharing. Goddess for me is positively feminine and masculine and nongendered. God for me is found by imaginative contact with the inner world: lights, trees, seeds, ways. Goddess for me is a nonexistent undeniable impossible reality

This bundle of compelling images got me thinking about the language I use for God– where it comes from and the stories attached to it. This seems an important and very Quakerly exercise, since, as Rhiannon’s post implies, so much of religious life is about the…

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Keeping the Lord’s Peace: Quaker/Catholic Dialogue (Part II)   Leave a comment

The Armchair Theologian

What’s the Point of Quakerism?

An indication of how far we’ve come in relation to Quaker-Catholic dialogue is vividly illustrated by G.K. Chesterton’s 1926 book Conversion and the Catholic Church. Ever the staunch apologist (and with characteristic bluntness) Chesterton observes:

It is not a question of comparing the merits and defects of the Quaker meeting–house, set beside the Catholic cathedral. It is the Quaker meeting–house that is inside the Catholic cathedral; it is the Catholic cathedral that covers everything like the vault of the Crystal Palace; and it is when we look up at the vast distant dome covering all the exhibits that we trace the Gothic roof and the pointed windows. In other words, Quakerism is but a temporary form of Quietism which has arisen technically outside the Church as the Quietism of Fenelon appeared technically inside the Church.[1]

Yet, the triumphalist world of Chesterton has now passed…

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IELTS Speaking Practice: Part 3 – What’s the word?   Leave a comment

Oxford University Press

shutterstock_323995139Louis Rogers is a freelance author and senior academic tutor at the University of Reading. He has worked in a number of countries and taught in various contexts ranging from young learners to Academic English. Louis is co-author of Oxford EAP B1+, Foundation IELTS Masterclass, Proficiency Masterclass and Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Skills for Business Studies. In the third and final installment of his IELTS series, he explores range of vocabulary and lexical resource in the IELTS speaking test. 

What’s the word?

This lesson helps students in any section of the speaking test by focusing on one element of the marking criteria in particular – lexical resource. Some of the key indicators used by markers in this category are the variety of words used, the adequacy and appropriacy of the words used and the ability to circumlocute (get round a vocabulary gap by using other words) with or…

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Nudity and nakedness   Leave a comment

Nick Baines's Blog

This is the text of the article I was asked to write for this week’s Radio Times. It was reported as a “lament”. It wasn’t. I just thought it was quite funny.

Well, would you Adam and Eve it? Recently 3000 people took their clothes off, painted themselves blue and lay around the not-so-tropical city of Hull in varieties of heaps. All, of course, in the name of art.

Actually, I thought it was quite funny. I saw it on my phone while enjoying two days at the General Synod talking about sex. So, it seemed both timely and amusing.

What is it with nakedness at the moment. You can hardly turn the telly on without finding someone wanting to take their clothes off. I thought Big Brother was embarrassing, but clearly that was just the appetiser for Love Island, Naked Attraction, and Life Stripped Bare. At least the new…

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Bosphorus bloodshed   Leave a comment

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Nice is a very popular place by Belgians to go on holiday, but Istanbul is also a very great favourite.

The most populous city in Turkey and the country’s economic, cultural, and historic centre at the Bosporus, also spelled Bosphorus is one of the big attractions for Europeans. The Turkish İstanbul Boğazı or Karadenız Boğazı, strait (boğaz, “throat”) uniting the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara and separating parts of Asian Turkey (Anatolia) from European Turkey by the  world’s narrowest strait allowing cruise ships coming in this eastern world by extension via the Dardanelles, the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Also many tours by coaches do find this metropolitan city, of 17 million inhabitants, on the map.

The West was frightened on Thursday night the 14th of July with Nice. On Friday followed the bad news of a coup in Turkey

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Keeping the Lord’s Peace: Quaker/Catholic Dialougue (Part I)   Leave a comment

The Armchair Theologian

Quaker Identity and the Church

For at least the last two centuries, British Friends have been attempting to develop a coherent account of the relationship between the Quaker Way and other Christian confessions. Are Quakers part of the Christian Church? And if so, in what respects? Answers to these questions have varied widely, ranging from a radical rejection of wider ties (see recurrent Quaker disquiet about membership of organisations like Churches Together) to a renewed hope of sustained reconciliation. And it is undeniably this latter tendency which has carried the day.  In general Friends are outward facing and generous towards other churches and can frequently be found at the forefront of inter-church dialogue. What frames these activities? The contours of this generosity can be summarised in the following terms:

1) Quakers are part of ‘the Church Eternal’.

2) We need the notion of Church ‘to remind us that a…

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