Government response to 2nd EU Referendum: why it doesn’t satisfy Democracy or UK Sovereignty   Leave a comment

Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

Those of you who signed the petition for a second referendum will have received an e-mail response detailing why the government says there will not be a second referendum. Do not despair, this e-mail does remarkably little other than illustrate the government’s lack of understanding of the UK’s workings and the moral obligation of holders of public office to do what is best for ALL of the UK, it’s nations and peoples.

What do I mean by “the government’s lack of understanding of this country’s workings”?

I mean they do not understand that Parliament is the Sovereign authority in the UK, not some angry mob, not the PM, not the Cabinet, not even Her Majesty. The only institution that can challenge Parliament is the Courts, and even then they can only beat Parliament up with its own rules, because Parliament writes the rules, all of them.

As for the fact that…

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