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Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

In 2010 the Tory Party made a commitment to making “the use of the Royal Prerogative subject to greater democratic control so that Parliament is properly involved in all big national decisions”.

The Prime Minister and her three Brexiteers are now saying that proper involvement of Parliament in all big national decisions does not apply to the when, how and under what conditions the UK should leave the EU. They are maintaining that they can re-write the rules however they like and everybody else can like it or lump it.

People’s Challenge to the Government on Art. 50: A Parliamentary Prerogative

Christopher Chope, Conservative MP – 25th May 2010

I also in my preliminary remarks refer to the fact that I was elected, and was proud to be elected, on the Conservative party manifesto. I was pleased, as I am sure the Deputy Leader of the House is pleased, that page…

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