Public debate: a threat to the Govt’s overbearing secrecy?   Leave a comment

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“The government is shutting down public debate… [on use of Royal Prerogative]” says the Guardian.

It certainly seems to be the case – but why?

A good while back, Mrs Thatcher refused to allow the voices of Sinn Fein to be heard on British TV, because she wished to deny them “the oxygen of publicity”. It wasn’t one of her better ideas.

Now, Mrs May appears to be on a similar trail. There’s a big difference, though.

Public debate about Brexit and about the invocation of Article 50 is not linked in any way to illegal activities, nor, despite hysterical allegations about treachery, to any lack of nationalism or love of country: the opposite, in fact.

It’s about the preservation of our democracy and the Sovereignty of Parliament. The mantra of “Take back control” seems relevant here, a point apparently lost on the Brexiteers who insult me on Facebook.


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