Brexit poker – a game where neither Parliament nor the British public get to see the cards   Leave a comment

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The government’s go-to response to just about all Brexit-related queries is getting rather old for some: “the government won’t disclose strategy”. In fact the government is playing its cards so close to its chest that it’s entirely possible that even it doesn’t know what kind of hand it has.

As regards negotiations, the EU, the UK public, not even Parliament knows what the government is doing, what it’s aiming for, or what it’s contingency(ies) is/are.

But the secrecy doesn’t stop there. If the government is right and can use the Royal Prerogative to invoke Article 50, Parliament is to be left out of the Brexit process altogether. That’s why the People’s Challenge is litigating to ensure proper Parliamentary scrutiny – and accountability.

True to form, the government wants the litigation itself to be cloaked in secrecy, subverting one of the hallmarks of the British legal system – open justice. It is insisting on…

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