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Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

The Peoples’ Challenge to the Government (www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/Parliament-should-decide🙂

IS NOT about overturning the Referendum. It is as it is, just as Breakfast is Breakfast. Everyone has to “get over it and move on”, as we are frequently told. This is us doing just that;

IS NOT about subversive activity. We are not “flying below the radar” in terms of what we are doing and how we are doing it. On the contrary, it is part of our policy to be completely open about what is going on, to the extent that we successfully applied to the Court to overturn the Government’s attempt to keep its defence secret. We are committed to openness, and we will always be “public” unless legally forbidden to be so;

IS NOT about asking the Courts to decide whether/when the UK should leave the EU (this actually has been suggested, and by the Government…

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