Even Tory Leavers are waking up to Theresa May’s subversion of democracy.   Leave a comment

Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

In one of today’s Guardian articles, pro-Leave Conservative MP Stephen Phillips decries the tyranny of Theresa May’s government in trying to bypass Parliament regarding Brexit.

Phillips said: “I and many others did not exercise our vote in the referendum so as to restore the sovereignty of this parliament only to see what we regarded as the tyranny of the European Union replaced by that of a government that apparently wishes to ignore the views of the house on the most important issue facing the nation.”

Although Stephen and I do not see eye to eye regarding the EU, we are both agreed that if action is not taken, this could be the beginning of the end for Parliamentary democracy in the UK and open the door for a Prime Ministerial autocracy. As Mr Phillips says, the government’s action is “fundamentally undemocratic, unconstitutional and cuts across the rights and privileges of the legislature”.

So others…

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