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Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

On 13th, 17th and the morning of 18th October 2016 the Divisional Court will hear the judicial review challenge to the Government’s plans to trigger Article 50 to take the UK out of the EU. The target of the challenge is the way the Government plans to do this – by using the Royal Prerogative instead of seeking prior authorisation from Parliament.

Thanks to almost 4000 people supporting the People’s Challenge via CrowdJustice, the ‘interested parties’ represented at that hearing will include us – a range of ordinary British Citizens who have instructed our legal team to submit that prerogative powers cannot be used in this way because that would mean millions of our fellow citizens being stripped of rights that Parliament has granted. If these rights are to be taken away, it must be our Parliament that takes that step.

The detailed update below…

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