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First, thank you for continue to contribute to our funds throughout  the hearing. We are now well on the way to filling the war chest that will be needed for the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, yesterday was another extended and intense court day, with the Court hearing submissions from the People’s Challenge Helen Mountfield QC, followed by Patrick Green QC for the expat interveners, Manjit Gill QC for a group of children and carers, then the Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC and ‘Treasury Devil’ James Eadie QC. The Independent’s Siobhan Fenton and Jolyon Maugham QC continued to live tweet (intriguingly, in Jolyon’s case, attracting Nicola Sturgeon as a follower). The full transcript is available for those who want the detail, but the highlights follow below.

The day began with this warning from the Lord Chief Justice:

The court was informed that the principal claimant in this case has…

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