Britain’s ‘unwritten constitution’ and its highest court are put to the test as Article 50 hearing begins.   Leave a comment

Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

The UK’s 11-Justice Supreme Court will hear the Government open its appeal today against the ruling that it cannot use the Royal Prerogative to take the UK out of the EU by triggering Article 50. If the ruling stands, the process will be subject to parliamentary control and oversight and primary legislation will also need to cater for  the EU law rights and duties woven into the UK’s devolution arrangements.

Arriving at Court, the solicitor representing the crowd-funded People’s Challenge group, who are resisting the appeal alongside Gina Miller and Dier Dos Santos, said they were “confident” its Justices would apply the “clearest principle” of the unwritten constitution – “the empowerment of Parliament to protect citizens’ rights.”

Over 5000 people have supported the People’s Challenge group via CrowdJustice, a crowdfunding platform for public interest cases. The group’s members were formally recognised as ‘interested parties’ at a preliminary hearing last July…

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