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Imperial & Global Forum

Berny Sèbe (University of Birmingham, UK) in association with Matt Stanard (Berry College, USA)
Co-organizers, The End of Empire conference, University of Birmingham


I am delighted to announce the following two events which might be of interest to readers of the Imperial and Global Forum:


– A roundtable on “Franco-British Studies: Experience and Methods” which I have organised to take place at the Maison française d’Oxford on 10 January 2017, with seven British and French scholars reflecting upon the benefits of cross-cultural comparisons between France and Britain. Please see information below for more information.


– The international conference The End of Empire: European Popular Responses, 11-13 January 2017, co-organised by myself and Matt Stanard (Berry College, USA) with support from the Past & Present Society, the University of Birmingham, the Maison française d’Oxford and Berry College. More than twenty five international scholars will…

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