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Soft carpets, a superior subsidised canteen, friendly civil servants appointed to look after us,the representatives of civil society, “grands debats” on noble subjects uncontroversial in their breadth… these are my main memories of the Council of Europe of the early 1990s, the Strasbourg home of the European Convention and its Court of Human Rights. As the antechamber of a European Community evolving into a European Union, it was in the process of admitting Hungary to membership, followed by Poland and “Czechoslovakia.” We marvelled at its capacity to afford equal access to members as diverse in size and culture as Andorra and Turkey and to give an equal platform to Itzak Rabbin and Yasser Arafat, amidst the constant flow of international leaders.

study-tour-116 The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, in Strasbourg.

A quarter of a century later, as I operate in the altogether harsher climate surrounding me as a British…

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