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You can find out about me by visiting me under one or other of the names and aliases given above, on Facebook, Twitter and other sites/ blogs I may be signed on to. I’ve also got a number of notes posted on Facebook, plus videos, photos etc.

I want to use this page to develop my writing skills, post documents and reach a larger audience, some of whom may want to share publications.

Posted January 31, 2012 by AngloMagyarMedia

5 responses to “Hungary Wolf/ Dr Paprika/ Anglo-Magyar Media/ Andrew J Chandler

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  1. pleased to hear from you and how much more information on your web site. i too have been busy researching for information about the other side of the family. my grandmothers ROSE&.BLACKWELL. i have come up with some unexpected connections and only wish my father was still alive to enjoy them

  2. I am just starting to read over your wonderful website, it is immense and I hope to fully read all the written treasures. If you have a little convenient time, take a moment to peruse my building website that I have been working on since 2005, and link it if you like. I’m just starting to immerse myself on some of your contents, especially the Aranycsapat & Puskas items I’ve found.

    My website is

  3. Having so many Chandlers on Facebook it seems not so easy to find you there. The Hungary Wolf does not seem to bring me on other pages of you either. 😉

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