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I find it disturbing that there are a lot of people who still don’t seem to see how ludicrous the Leave campaign is getting. Brexit was a dodgy proposal from the start, but now large numbers of people seem to be embracing the sensationalist nature of the Leave campaign.

Every week for some time now the news seems to be about how a Remain campaign/Pro-EU person or statement is accused of being a liar, corrupt or biased by the Leavers. You’d think these people were living in the Matrix, everything around them is a lie and everybody is in league with the machines. To me the level of delusion present is staggering, they seem to believe the UK has never been in direr straits and that the entire world, from President Obama to Mr Cameron, is out to destroy them, their way of life and everything else that matters.

Personally I think if…

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Imagine if 2 million of us came back – could it be “verse”   Leave a comment

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Plain Tales from the EU – Can you understand why some voters are in favour of Leaving the EU?   Leave a comment

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Mrs T said ‘Yes to Europe’ in 1975…   Leave a comment

Margaret Thatcher,  William Whitelaw and Peter Kirk, at a referendum conference. June 1975. Photo: Keystone/Getty Images

Above: Margaret Thatcher, championing the ‘Remain’ cause in the 1975 Referendum on Britain’s membership.

Mrs Thatcher had been Secretary of State for Education and Science under Edward Heath’s premiership in 1973, when Britain joined the EEC, and became party leader some months before the referendum. Although she later successfully opposed the changes to the EC’s constitution proposed by Jacques Delores, in her speeches she made it clear that she was in favour of a wider Union, incorporating the central-European states which at that time were fighting for their freedom from the Soviet Union in 1989-90. As a result of this, and her tough but friendly negotiating style with President Gorbachev, the man she ‘could do business with’, the ‘Iron Lady’ was much admired in Hungary and elsewhere in the 1990s. Despite her pronounced Euroscepticism since losing power, the fact remains that the European Union as it is today owes much more to her vision of the EU than current Brexiteers are willing to admit. Her patriotism was fundamentally pro-European, regarding Britain’s role within the EU as setting the ‘bounds’ of British influence on the continent ‘wider still and wider’. She was certainly no ‘Little Englander’ like those who falsely lay claim to her inheritance today.

In this sense, Thatcher’s foreign policy was in the Churchillian tradition. Britain is greater when it engages with its neigbours and seeks to lead on the continent, rather than retreating into ‘splendid isolation’ and ‘appeasement’ of dictators. Of course, we will always feel physically detached as an island people, but, as John Donne wrote, ‘no man is an island’, and at the end of the day, Britain must take its place on the political map of Europe, or Europe will be ‘the lesser’, and so will we.

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Some founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey – Boris Johnson, Douglas Carswell, Daniel Hannan?   Leave a comment

Say Yes 2 Europe - Remain in the EU

Listed among the founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey are Boris Johnson, Douglas Carswell, and Daniel Hannan.


Promote strong Anglo-Turkish relations

Help to foster bilateral trade and business relationships

Build links between the Conservative Party and Turkish counterparties as well as the academic and business community

Increase awareness of the Conservative Party within the Turkish community in the UK

Support parliamentary candidates in marginal constituencies

Support Turkish local politicians and promote greater political involvement of the community

Lobby in favour of Turkish membership of the EU with a stress on Turkey’s role in the bloc, the region and its strong ties to Western institutions

Facilitate access to information on Turkey: its culture, political orientation, economy, and its progress towards EU membership

Founder members of the Conservative Friends of Turkey

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Nick Baines's Blog

Breaking up is hard to do. So went the song. But, whereas that might apply to love and relationships, it clearly is less so when it comes to politics.

The EU referendum debate has so far been … er … pathetic – the trading of unsubstantiated prophetic claims on both sides, accompanied by ‘selective’ representations of European history and the pursuit of personal vendettas by people who seemed – on other matters, at least – to be on the same side.

But, one aspect has, to my mind, not been adequately explored. It is quick and easy to break down institutions and relationships, but long and difficult to build them up. In recent memory, just witness the collapse of the USSR and the ground it prepared for Vladimir Putin, resurgent nationalism rooted in hurt pride, and a fascism that has fed similar tendencies in Eastern Europe and beyond. The winter…

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Eastern Daily Press publish story from Germany visit   Leave a comment

Escaping Hitler: A Jewish Boy's Quest for Freedom and his Future

There was a wonderful piece published in the Eastern Daily Press last Friday (27th May 2016), written by leading feature journalist Rowan Mantell, telling readers about my recent trip to Koblenz and Nickenich promoting Escaping Hitler.  I hope you can read it.  Already this weekend I have received a book order because a gentleman in Diss read the piece.


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