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classroom_students_teenagersShaun Crowley has worked as an EFL teacher and a marketing manager for an international ELT publisher. He is the founder of www.linguavote.com, an e-learning platform for learners of English that features social learning and gamification. Follow Shaun on Twitter: @shauncrowleyIn Part 1 of this series, Shaun Crowley considered the importance of 21st Century Skills in ELT, concluding that the group of competencies that define this term are indeed important to English language learning. In the next four posts, Shaun continues by offering ideas to help you integrate some of these skills into your classes.

Critical thinking skills are some of the key “21st Century” competencies, so it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see publishers position their course books with this benefit up-front, from primary to tertiary level.

Here is an idea to help you maximize opportunities for critical thinking, so that your students…

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British Historians and British Identity   Leave a comment

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Anthony Leon Brundage and Richard Alfred Cosgrove. British Historians and National Identity, From Hume to Churchill. London: Pickering and Chatto, 2014. 272 pp. £60.00 (hard back), ISBN 978-1-84893-539-6; £24 (eBook).

Reviewed by Rachel Chin
History Department, University of Exeter
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british historians and national identityIn the last two decades, historical studies focussing on themes of memory creation, mythmaking and national identity have burgeoned.[1] Authors Anthony Brundage and Richard A. Cosgrove, in their 2014 book British Historians and National Identity, attempt to link a series of single-authored multi-volume histories to the creation of particular themes within British identity. The central thesis of the work is that British national identity was never, and is not today, a static concept: “Central to the manner that English people think of themselves was (and is) their history: real, imagined or invented; all categories of identity are rooted in some century or era of…

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Curiosity   Leave a comment

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This is the text of this morning’s Pause for Thought on the Chris Evans Show on BBC Radio 2 with Brian Cox, John Lloyd, Rebecca Front and Nerina Pallot in the studio.

We have lots of foreign visitors to stay with us. Last night we had some friends from Switzerland and it was great to see them. Last week we had a family from the United States and I took them to Liverpool for a day so they could get some culture. It was funny to see them standing outside the barber shop at Penny Lane and know the soundtrack that was running through their heads. (I used to get my hair cut in that shop when I was a kid.)

What was great was that their curiosity grew as we saw the sights of my home city and wandered round the museum of curios peculiar to Liverpool…

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Paris World Summit of Conscience, International interfaith gathering #1   Leave a comment

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In the run-up to the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),  people from many of the world’s religions and wisdoms met in Paris on July 20 and 21 for a World Summit of Conscience to answer the question “Why do I care about the planet?” and launch a “Call to Conscience for the climate”

Why do I care avatar3At the same time mayors gathered, to talk about climate change and human issues as human trafficking and slavery, with Pope Francis I at the Vatican, in advance of climate negotiations to be held in Paris later this year, this Summer in Paris the French president also took the opportunity to bring already some important figures together to tackle the same issues.

At the Vatican all of the mayors invited are already dealing with the impacts of climate change in their home cities.

In Paris…

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Vatican against Opponents of immigration   Leave a comment

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The immigration issue is a very difficult one the pope wants to bring under our attention.

In many countries we can see that those who are opposed letting other people in what they call ‘their country’, are voted for and are gaining money by their opposition.
Pollster Frank Luntz said Tuesday of a businessman who has gone bankrupt at least four times that

Donald Trump will never run out of money,” {Why is Donald Trump winning? Duh, because of immigration}

The scope and nature of Trump’s immigration. opposition does not harm his position, instead it is his fire-breathing resistance to immigration that has drawn popular support for him like it did for others in the previous centuries. Politicians, Republican and Democrat, do not like to ignore such support at their own risk. It demands more courage to go against the fear of many for other races or…

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Opening up the manuscript collections: an update on our online cataloguing project   Leave a comment

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What do silhouettes, the  South Sea journals of Daniel Wheeler, press-cuttings on the General Strike, and a 100 year-old phial of anti-tetanus serum have in common? They’re all to be found in the Library’s main manuscript series, which currently comprises over 1,000 separate and extremely diverse archive collections. And until recently, only a quarter of them were on the online catalogue.

Extracts from the South Sea Journals of Daniel Wheeler (Library reference Temp MSS 366 vols. 3/1-3) Extracts from Daniel Wheeler’s South Sea Journals for 1834-5 (Library reference Temp MSS 366 vols. 3/1-3)

Anti-tetanus serum phial from Alan F. Ardley papers (Library reference: Temp MSS 452/1/11) Anti-tetanus serum phial from Alan F. Ardley papers (Library reference Temp MSS 452/1/11)

Since the launch of the new catalogue, a little over a year ago, we’ve been busy increasing the number of archive and manuscript collections users could find there. Once the project to catalogue the remarkable records of Friends Emergency & War Victims Relief Committee was complete, attention turned to the rich and varied main manuscript series.


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Is your love big enough?   Leave a comment


Tough love…

Originally posted on Nick Baines's Blog:

This is the script of this morning’s Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans Show with Sara Cox and guests: Gabby Logan, Josh Gad and Lianne LaHavas. (There are ten of Liane’s song titles and a reference to the work of Josh Gad and Gabby Logan for good measure.)

Well, I might as well announce it to the nation: my daughter has just had a baby. He’s called Joseph and he’s tiny and I love him. He’s got a head of dark hair and he left me tongue-tied.

I nearly cried when I held him. I did get teary when I saw my daughter and son-in-law in the hospital and felt the unstoppable love that gets behind the emotional defences that often protect us from hurt. No room for doubt here: love can be elusive, but it’s impossible to forget and you can never get enough

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