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Originally posted on Nick Baines's Blog:

Yesterday in the House of Commons the Prime Minister made a statement about the National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review 2015. It was later repeated in the House of Lords, where I was present.

This work takes seriously the needs of the country in a challenging and changing world. It faces up to the demands of a world in which asymmetric warfare and cyberwarfare have changed the game for all players. The last review in 2010 was not a review based on security or military need; it was Treasury led and financially driven – purely to save money in the wake of the global financial collapse of 2008 and its aftermath. It satisfied no one, but means that the 2015 review starts much further back from where it should do. (The inadequacies have been noted in many other places, so I won’t bang on about them here.)

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Tobias Rupprecht
History Department, University of Exeter

‘This is a great conservative system,’ reported the visitor following his trip to Moscow, ‘there is no lack of order, no anarchy, no lack of discipline! Everyone respects the authorities!’ While the liberal leaders of the materialist and soulless West allegedly no longer took up a stance against decadent art, degenerate music, and immoral sexual libertarianism, the leaders in the Kremlin, he claimed, heroically defended traditional family values and a ‘healthy patriotism’.

The tone of this argument will sound rather familiar to a contemporary observer of Russia’s reactionary domestic policies and its regression to Cold War style foreign intervention. A swashbuckling Vladimir Putin has attracted the tacit, and sometimes open, admiration from many Europeans who no longer feel represented by what they see as the liberal mainstream in politics and media.

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A recent cinema ‘advert’ for prayer has been ‘censored’. Here, Bishop Nick Baines makes a powerful argument against the cinema owners.

Originally posted on Nick Baines's Blog:

This is the text of an article requested this morning by the Yorkshire Post in relation to the decision by cinema advertising bodies not to show an advert about the Lord’s Prayer in their cinemas before Christmas this year. The decision has provoked a spat in the media and on social media – some of it even polite.

So, the major cinema chains have banned a one-minute advert from being shown in their theatres on the grounds that people may be offended. God, give me strength. (Which is a prayer.)

If you don’t pray, then you are almost certainly in a small minority of people on the planet. Even people who claim no faith seem to admit to praying in certain circumstances.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen hashtags and posters, banners and even football scarves, emblazoned with ‘pray4paris’. Why? As I said on last Friday’s Thought…

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A shaded line drawing of a large stone building, people, dog and horse-drawn carriage. The Melbourne Athenaeum, Melbourne’s first Mechanics Institute, in 1855. (State Library of NSW: ST Gill)

Marc-William Palen
History Department, University of Exeter
Follow on Twitter @MWPalen

From the colonial context of the Paris attacks to radical Scotland in Australia, here are this week’s top picks in imperial and global history.

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Originally posted on Nick Baines's Blog:

This is the script of this morning’s Thought for the Day on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme:

There’s an oft-repeated story that St Francis of Assisi told his Friars to “go out and preach the gospel – use words if you have to”. Like many famous sayings, however, there is no evidence that he ever actually said it. And if he did, then he was wrong. Language is as important as lifestyle in telling the truth about who we really are and what we really think matters.

Well, a week on from the appalling events in Paris it is interesting that in times of tragedy or challenge, the most unlikely people resort effortlessly to the language of prayer. “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims,” we’ve heard; and we’ve seen people kneeling, praying before makeshift shrines and at packed services in the Notre Dame cathedral. But, prayer to…

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‘The native speaker teacher and the issue of equality’ by Phil Wade   Leave a comment

Originally posted on TEFL Equity Advocates:

I have followed the debate on native vs. non-native teachers with some interest. It is great to see and hear people addressing equality and the favouritism, in some sectors, towards natives despite them not always being as qualified as their non-native peers. As blog and Facebook posts on this subject have increased, so too have the comments. These have ranged from complaining about alleged backpacker natives who don’t know how to teach to qualified non-natives losing out to anyone who is labelled a ‘native’. What perhaps isn’t always covered is the perspective of the Native English Speaker Teacher (NEST). This is what I hope to cover her to help readdress the debate and to put forward some truths which I think are worth mentioning.

1) Are all NESTs unqualified backpackers?

Well, this depends where you work, to be honest. I have read numerous complaints about this and it is one…

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Originally posted on Marcus Ampe's Space:

The terrorists in any case succeeded to bring much more hatred against Muslims and refugees. Though many do forget there were also Muslims killed and the terrorists were not refugees.

British Police say the number of religiously motivated hate attacks – both online and offline – has increased since the bombings and shootings in the French capital.

As the first refugees arrive in Scotland on Tuesday, a YouGov poll for The Times found that public support for allowing refugees to settle in Britain has slumped with 22% since September.

49 per cent of those surveyed believed Britain should be accepting fewer or no refugees.



Massive police operation in northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis

Refugee crisis, terrorist attacks and created fear


Additional reading:

  1. Brussels-born Salah Abdeslam key suspect Paris terrorist attacks
  2. Paris attacks darkning the world
  3. Trump brand of migrant demonization #1
  4. Trump brand of migrant demonization #2

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